Our values

At Fortimedix, we all share common values which are part of our business culture and determine our way of working on a daily basis.

At Fortimedix, we challenge you to:

Have a strong customer focus

Everything we do should be valuable to our customers. Addressing unmet needs in human healthcare is key to our success.

Be open and honest

We conduct our business with integrity. We have a down-to-earth approach based on trust. We value others for their diverse backgrounds, expertise and ideas.

Set challenging yet realistic goals

Together, we set challenging yet attainable goals with the commitment to measure progress, provide timely feedback and take action to achieve them.

Share our sense of urgency

We are driven by the need to make fast progress to fulfil our ambition, we expect you to exhibit the same drive.

Be proactive and results-oriented

We expect you to initiate new ideas, be flexible and results driven.

Remain curious and be eager

We want you to be curious, inquisitive and eager to learn. Dare to be critical and keep asking questions.

Follow your heart and have fun!

Last but certainly not least we want to make sure that you are passionate about what you do, that your work gives you energy and brings a smile to your face.

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