Our hiring process

We offer a thorough recruitment process to ensure the role you are applying for is a match with your personality, skills, experience and career goals.


We are always looking for talented and ambitious people. After sending in an application form, you will receive a confirmation that we received your information.

First selection

If we think you could be the right candidate for the position, we will start the recruitment procedure with a phone interview.


Interviews enable you to meet the recruiter, team manager and our HR Director or other leadership team members. You will learn more about our company as we get to know you better. We will focus on your personality, qualities, skills and capabilities required for the position and a company cultural match. It is your opportunity to present yourself, share your career goals, ambitions, your expectations of us, and questions you have. For some positions, we will present an assignment.


Profile & Assessment

During the hiring process, we use a Management Drives Profile and an assessment to evaluate your skills, competencies, and personal characteristics. These tools increase the effectiveness of our hiring and retention process.

Reference check

We may ask your references to answer questions about your previous work performance, skills, and personal conduct.

Selection decision & offer

If you are identified as the most qualified candidate for the position, we will confirm the hiring decision with a formal offer. Our goal is to make our relationship a lasting one, and if you are not chosen for the position, we will provide feedback on the hiring decision.


Congratulations! We are excited to welcome you as a new employee at Fortimedix. Welcoming you is a collaborative effort involving Human Resources, your new manager and your team. We will convey further details including starting dates, benefits, training and first-day tasks. It is our goal to provide you all the necessary guidance to make your start at Fortimedix a great one!

We will process your data carefully and use it only for the purpose of this application. Your data will stay available for the hiring team up and until 8 weeks after closing the vacancy. Your privacy is important to us, you can read more about your rights and our policy in our privacy statement.

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