We are pioneering in the medical device industry and hunting for passionate, eager and bright people to realize our ambitions. Are you an ambitious and curious student and do you want to work in a fast-paced High Tech environment? An internship at Fortimedix Surgical is the ultimate stepping-stone!

Starting your career in the medical device industry is a smart choice. It is all about helping people to live longer, healthier and happier lives. As an intern at Fortimedix Surgical you will have the opportunity to be part of our very talented team of specialists working on the development of a brand new surgical product line that challenges the status quo in minimally invasive surgery.

An extensive introduction program, an internal coach and a challenging assignment are part of the internship. After graduation, there are plenty of opportunities for a career journey at Fortimedix fitting your profile and ambitions.

Here are examples of internship assignments:


  • Increase capacity of equipment

The capacity of some equipment is currently limited by the amount of raw material that fits in the machine. This assignment consists of coming up with a solution and implementing this solution as a proof of concept.


  • Increase uptime of equipment

The uptime of some equipment can be increased by making wear parts more wear resistant. On top of that, the reduced wear of these parts could also improve the performance of the equipment. This assignment comprises the design of a part that has an improved durability in order to increase uptime and improve efficiency. This has to be accomplished without adversely affecting other aspects of the equipment.


  • Develop shop floor planning system

The current KANBAN system that we use to plan production can be improved in terms of optimization across processes, running empty during unattended hours and dealing with special cases. Your goal is to develop a shop floor planning aid for operators to plan as efficiently as possible.


  • Design a manufacturing workstation

As a company in scale-up mode, our manufacturing workstations are in continuous development. Several of them need a re-design in terms of ergonomics, level of automation, capacity or efficiency. Your assignment is to collect design inputs and to translate these into a future proof design.


  • Efficient storage

In the scale-up plan of the warehouse, some raw materials will take most of the volume. However, this is based on the current way of storage. With this way of storage, we have a clear overview and identification of raw material; however, it is less efficient regarding use of space. For this assignment a storage system needs to be designed that significantly reduces the space necessary without compromising the overview and identification of the raw material.

Please submit your resume and motivation via the form below. If you have any questions regarding this vacancy or the applying procedure in general, please contact Madeleine Bruinink (HR Officer) : +31 (0)45-544 95 20.

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Increase capacity of equipment
Increase uptime of equipment
Develop shop floor planning system
Design a manufacturing workstation
Efficient storage

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